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LA worked with the program layout to drastically improve the quality of the space and maximize efficiency. One of the spaces where this is evident is the employee cafeteria. This space serves as a hub between the warehouse and the administrative offices, and is the only place where all employees come together.

It was critical that this area performed as an important communal space. This was achieved by taking advantage of the existing high ceilings and colorful fabric enclosure. The design also allowed greater access to natural light by locating it adjacent to existing windows and skylights.

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LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office Launches New Website – CBS Los Angeles

Add yourself. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill , which is aimed at modernizing how residents vote statewide — ultimately replacing polling places with vote centers and letting voters cast their ballots at any center in their county rather than a single polling location. Vote centers will be multifunctional, letting residents vote in person, drop off completed ballots, get replacement ballots, use accessible voting machines, and get language assistance and translated materials. Moving away from a single polling place for each voter to a voting period during which voters would have their choice of voting centers throughout the county.

Early voting centers and expanded hours were a huge attraction last year. County, early voting has more than tripled from 15, early ballots cast in to 48, in Redesigning and improving in-person and the increasingly popular vote-by-mail VBM processes. Residents cast nearly 1. The county is working with experts to redesign voting correspondence to make it more compelling and easier to read — examining everything from the color of documents to type size and font and the placement of voting instructions.

Voters will use a touchscreen to produce a paper, human-readable ballot that captures their selections in shortened form.

June 10, 2014 registrar/recorder video

Completed ballots will then be tabulated on a separate system without having to reproduce the ballot in its entirety. In-person ballots, like their VBM cousins, will also get a redesign.

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder / County Clerk

And on the back end, the county plans a micro-tally solution built on an open source stack that's capable of scanning and managing ballot images to make them more manageable from a big data perspective. Voters should also be able to print a poll pass and scan it at their polling place to prepopulate their ballots. Examples mentioned in a recent county PowerPoint ranged from. NET to Linux, but the goal is something that will adapt to various platforms and situations, while giving Los Angeles County a product of its own, but which other jurisdictions might also use.

In other words: an open source platform. And how will officials know if their new system needs enhancing? They hope voters will tell them. The creation of that new system, of course, must come first.