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The following are suggestions on what to do: You should make prepare a list of all contacts with all known relatives and friends names, phone numbers, relation and response. You must also search the phone book online is fine in the city that your spouse last lived in and confirm that all persons with the same name last name and at least first initial are not your spouse.

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There is no guarantee that the motion will be granted, however in most cases the judge who rejects the motion will tell you what additional steps will satisfy the court. If you do not live in Ontario, the only way you can get a divorce in Ontario is if you can locate your spouse and have him or her served.

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If not, you will have to file where you live. Also note : You may want check with to the Central Registry for Divorce Proceedings in Ottawa to see if your missing spouse previously obtained a divorce in Canada without telling you before investing money in this process. Are you being held in a psychiatric facility?

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Need help with income supports such as pension? Being evicted? You may be able to get help with your will and power of attorney from: a legal clinic Pro Bono Ontario Pro Bono Students Canada You can find information about wills and power of attorneys through the Ministry of the Attorney General and the website, Your Legal Rights.

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