How hard is it to find a teaching job

Or not.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Actually the rules change most weeks. Some schools don't want you to submit a letter of application, they want you to complete mini essay questions using less than words, describing what makes you a successful teacher, how you have learned from the advice of other colleagues, how you monitor the progress of your groups and how you support those who are not meeting their targets. Get this right and you're on to the the first elimination week, dictated by however the school likes to eliminate undesirable staff.

I am aware of one headteacher who throws applications from anyone over 40 straight in the bin. Ageism is rife in education. They have your date of birth — what's stopping them? Once you're through the auditions it's on to the quarter finals. The camera pans to the contestants who have received the "we are delighted to invite you for interview" email.

Then comes the surprise; attachments outlining the structure of the day. It's not just a few minutes in the limelight here. The interview stage now consists of multiple mini rounds: the gentle chat in the head's office; the trial lesson; the tour of the school; the professional chat; the student panel One school I know of actually gave teachers an A-level exam paper, too. The chat in the headteacher's office is normally where they scare you and tell you that if you are not up to scratch you will be sent home, but that they want you to do your best.

No pressure there then. It's an idea to pretend that you actually have a film crew following you around on an interview day. Don't be fooled into thinking it's just about the interview and the lesson. Everything you do will be scrutinised so make sure you haven't got toilet roll stuck to your shoe or your skirt stuck in your knickers when you come out the loo men, check your fly. Trial lessons are a minefield. Contestant one can have an outstanding lesson but contestant two has to follow them and teach the same bunch of children the same topic.

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If the class decides to turn the mini-whiteboards into score cards and award your lesson a zero by misbehaving, you're sent packing. One of my friends was told they didn't have presence in the lesson — even though the person doing their lesson observation had themselves only been teaching for two years.

For me the main problem has been how long they want you to teach for — I've had interview lessons ranging from 20mins to one hour.

Interviewing with Principals from the "Finding a Teaching Position" video series on

Trying to fit a three-part lesson in was challenging. Now the show turns into "Are you smarter than a year-old? These students look angelic enough but they have been storing up twisted questions like:. The main aim of the student panel is to see how you interact with pupils at the school. They're not meant to be too stressful but they can be quite intense. If you can use cultural references do so, but don't try and make out you are something you are not.

Choosing the Right School and Teaching Position For You

The pupils will be able to tell an Ali G from a Richard Madeley. I am almost expecting there to be a new round soon — the parent round, where you have to tell a mother or father why their child will never get a grade C in your subject without hurting their feelings. Or listen and nod while they tell you how they can't deal with their child's behaviour but they still keep buying them the latest mobile phones.

Now it's the interview stage.

Here are a few things to consider…. It can be weird listening to yourself, right? The things I discovered about my speaking delivery while listening to a recording of myself were quite embarrassing. I have never had a principal ask me for a teaching portfolio, but I have been part of interview committees where the principal requested it from candidates.

The real deal on how to find the right teaching job for you

But as a seasoned teacher, you should probably have one also if you want the best possible shot at landing a position. Do check out her teaching portfolio video. My first teaching certification is in elementary education. Historically, saturated teaching certifications include elementary education, social studies, p. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking, individuals looking for employment in these subjects may have a harder time finding employment than those in more in-demand fields.

Once I received my bilingual certification, job offers came significantly faster compared to when I was searching using only my elementary education certification. Look for contacts, networks, and simply stay in touch with people in various teaching circles. This process takes time to work. Okay, yeah, sure.

I was living in Texas, and we started getting students from Louisiana because so many people were being displaced. Hardly anyone, save the counselor, actually talked at length about what the kids were going through and how we could help them to heal plus move forward.

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Whether we admit it or not, there are some schools that are harder to place good teachers in because of demographics. Though not certain, it may be a smoother transition into a teaching position than applying to well-off schools which receive a ton of applicants. My first teaching assignment was at an at-risk school with students that had lots of needs, emotionally and academically. Make sure to go into those schools with a good heart and an open mind for understanding the kids.

Have you seen those school district ads that say not to email the principal directly about posted jobs? Throughout my career, I have found ALL of my teaching assignments by emailing principals directly!